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Our Pain Management Techniques

We understand that chronic pain changes and interrupts lives. We provide headache treatments around Northwest Indiana, for patients suffering from uncontrollable migraines and other issues. Many individuals could also benefit from nerve block treatments, to help deal with pain that just won’t quit and bring their lives back to where they were before the pain and discomfort began. At Midwest Neurology Associates, Dr. Samer Kassar is well-known for diagnosing and treating difficult neurological disorders. Since our founding, we’ve delivered quality care to the communities within Lake County. Using the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic developments, we ensure a most accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.

Chronic Back Pain – Pain Management in Northwest Indiana

We understand that chronic back pain is a huge problem for individuals living throughout Lake County, and all of the surrounding regions. Chronic back pain takes away movement and greatly affects quality of life for those suffering with it. That’s why at Midwest Neurology Associates, our practitioners put such care into their pain management practices. We always try to avoid intrathecal pain relief where possible and we always consult the patient to find out what they are comfortable with as they go through the treatment process.

At Midwest Neurology Associates, we have medical professionals thoroughly trained in pain management techniques and treatments – like nerve block procedures –  for those suffering from fibromyalgia as well. We have a skilled team including a board-certified Neurologist and Nurse Practitioners, to ensure that the treatment we deliver is backed by significant experience in the field of medicine.

Neuro-Critical Care – Pain Management in & around Lake County

Sometimes, uncontrolled circumstances endanger an individual’s mental health. This is especially true with serious brain and skull injuries, cancers of the nervous system, strokes and oxygen deprivation-related injuries. When these kinds of situations happen, pain management to achieve improvement such as back pain relief, is essential to achieving a better quality of life.  Midwest Neurology Associates is there for that patient from the beginning to the end. We have board-certified specialists, practitioners, and connections for some of the finest palliative care specialists.

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Who we are: The professionals from Midwest Neurology Associates in Dyer, Indiana, have provided individuals throughout Lake County with the best in neurological care. Through prompt appointments, individualized treatments, detailed explanations, and effective communication, we’ll help you improve the quality of your life. Whether the path to recovery entails MS treatment or nerve block treatment, our team is here to provide the highest level of neurological care every step of the way. We focus on patient care and create a caring environment in our facility. Additionally, the team approaches treatment first by informing and empowering you to improve your condition at the soonest possible time.

Our board trained physicians offer pain management and much more to Indiana residents within our service areas. Contact us today at 1-219-836-2096 to schedule an appointment and receive a consultation.

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