Individualized Treatments for Neurological Disorders

Finding the right treatment for neurological disorders is easy when you turn to the caring and compassionate professionals at Midwest Neurology Associates. Our treatment center in Dyer, Indiana, offers a variety of neurological treatments to help you to improve the quality of your life.

Various Treatments

Time is of the essence when treating neurological disorders. After a thorough consultation and evaluation, we’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan that’s tailored to your unique needs. Some neurological treatments include:

• Physical Therapy
• Electromyography
• Botulinum Toxin Therapy
• Electroencephalography 
• Trigger Point Injections 
• Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy
• Nerve Conduction Study 
• MRI/MRA Interpretation


• Arthritis 
• Sleep Disorders
• Movement Disorders
• Cancer Neurology
• Neuro Ophthalmology
• Neuro Infectious Diseases
• Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunology
• Facial Pain
• Muscle Contractions
• General Neurology
• Neuro Critical Care
• Headache & Migraine Pain
• Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology
• Excessive Contraction of Eyelid Muscles
• Head Tremor
• Excessive Sweating
• Global Neurology
• Neuromuscular Diseases
• Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders
• Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases & More
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