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3 Physical and Psychological Benefits of Exercising When You Have Chronic Pain

I am sure the last thing on your mind when you are laying on the couch in serious pain is,

“I should go for a run!”

But studies have shown that exercise not only does wonders physically, but mentally too! Instead of resting in bed, physicians are encouraging their patients to add at least a half hour of physical activity to their day. Every person is different, and not everyone has the same pain, but one thing is for sure, exercise is becoming standard in most treatment plans throughout the nation.

At Midwest Neurology Associates, we offer various forms of pain management treatments in Highland, IN as well as Dyer, IN, and Crown Point. Our individualized treatment plans set us apart from other pain management centers because instead of strictly focusing on the symptoms, we delve deeper into the underlying biological causes to accurately treat our patients. Through our ongoing clinical research, it’s becoming more and more apparent that exercise is key for our overall well-being, physically and mentally.

Check out these benefits those with chronic pain can expect with just a little exercise each day.

Reduces Stress
Chronic pain and stress go hand and hand. It’s a vicious cycle, and honestly, it can be hard to break that cycle dealing with the same pain every day, day in, day out. You know what does help reduce stress related to chronic pain? Exercise. Walking, yoga, aerobics, and jogging, to name a few, will increase energy levels, decrease tension, and release endorphins. This, in turn, sharpens our mentality and reduces stress overall.

Keeps Joints Moving
If your chronic pain is in any way related to your joints, which is the case for people living with arthritis, moving your joints with daily exercise will significantly decrease discomfort, and strengthen muscles. Start small with range-of-motion exercises, rolling your shoulders and raising the arms in the air. Consult with your doctor what is right for you and your body.

Improve Sleep
When we think chronic pain, our minds go to extreme headaches, debilitating back pain, but do you ever think of insomnia? Those with insomnia sometimes develop the sleeping disorder due to other conditions like asthma, anxiety, or arthritis. Whichever form it comes in, it’s hard to function on a daily basis because of it. According to, as little as 10 minutes of exercise a day will improve sleep quality and reduce the likelihood of developing more serious sleep conditions.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, it’s time to visit a specialist. Midwest Neurology Associates is a multi-specialty medical facility with board-certified physicians in areas of neurology, psychiatry, physical therapy, and pain management. Patients seeking pain management therapies like trigger point injections, or nerve blocks in Highland, IN should make an appointment today, so they can start feeling better tomorrow.