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3 Warning Signs Your Chronic Pain Might Require Pain Management Therapy

What one person might feel is extremely painful, another person may be able to endure. There are so many different facets to pain. However, one thing is certain: All pain is a feeling produced by our central nervous system. Pain can be isolated to one part of the body or felt throughout the entire body, as when your muscles ache from the flu. A minor pain is the sting of a paper cut that goes away after 24 hours. Chronic pain, however, lasts for days, weeks, even years. Fortunately, there are various types of pain management treatments available to us today.

Here at Midwest Neurology Associates, we have an experienced, board certified staff of neurologists, physiatrists, psychiatrists and anesthesiologists to provide patients with pain management treatment options in Crown Point, IN. If you are unsure whether your chronic pain needs pain management therapy, we’ve outlined some warning signs that you may need professional help.

Medication Dependence

If you cannot get through the day pain-free without taking multiple doses of medication, it might be time to seek further help. A lot of pain medications are addictive and have adverse side effects. Patients undergoing pain management therapy will require fewer medications to live their daily lives and be more comfortable in the long run.

Insomnia Due to Pain

Some pain can be so severe that it’s hard to sleep at night. On top of the chronic pain you are enduring, lack of sleep in the short term can affect your moods and increase the risk of injury. In the long term, sleep deprivation can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or even a shorter life span. When it comes to insomnia due to pain, calling your doctor about pain management therapy would kill two birds with one stone.

Pain Accompanied by Tingling Sensations

It’s one thing if you have a constant pain in your arm, but if the pain is coupled with a tingling sensation, this is when you should see a doctor. The tingling you feel could be a sign of nerve damage. If this goes unchecked, you could potentially cause serious permanent injury to the affected area.

If any of the above symptoms sound familiar to you, please seek medical help. The practitioners at Midwest Neurology Associates primary focus is providing our patients in Merrillville, IN, the best pain management program in Northwest Indiana. We have locations all over Lake County and are taking new patients daily. To learn more about our practices, please call us at 219-200-4676 or visit our website