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5 Common Types of Headaches and How Midwest Neurology Associates Can Help You Find Relief

As a medical practice that offers pain management treatment options to patients all over Lake County, IN, you can guarantee that we know how complicated headaches can be. In fact, if you didn’t know, there are over a hundred different kinds of headaches, and each of them occurs for various reasons, and has unique symptoms. However, what are some of the most common that our patients and others all over the world experience? Well, here five of them:

Tension Headaches

If you feel a constant pressure or ache around your head, especially near your temple or the back of your head or neck, it’s likely you’re experiencing a tension headache. These cause moderate to mild pain and are also referred to as “stress headaches” by many experts.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches appear out of nowhere and are one of the most intense you can experience. They’re even referred to as “cluster headaches” because they occur in groups. These types of headaches are debilitating, and you will feel a piercing or burning pain behind your eyes that’s either constant or throbbing.

Sinus Headaches

If you feel a constant and deep pain in your forehead, bridge of your nose, or even your cheekbones, you’re probably suffering from a sinus headache. Most of the time, you’ll experience this type when you have a sinus infection or are ill.

Migraine Headaches

If you’ve ever had a headache that was accompanied by throbbing, pounding pain, vomiting and/or nausea, and lasted more than four hours, you’ve probably had a migraine. These types of headaches commonly prohibit people from performing their daily activities.

Acute Headaches

Most of the time, children suffer from these types of headaches that start suddenly and disappear after a short period. Most acute headaches occur if you feel stress or consume certain foods. They can happen once a day or several times throughout the day.

If you live in Highland, IN, and are searching for a medical practice that offers pain management services and can help you find relief from these types of headaches and more, choose Midwest Neurology Associates. When you visit with us, we will discuss your medical history, the type of headache you’re suffering from, and the pain you’re experiencing. After that, we will come up with a treatment plan that will help you find relief.


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Make an Appointment with Midwest Neurology Associates Today to Learn More About How You Can Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

As a medical practice that has been offering pain management services to patients in and around Highland, IN for the past several years, we know all too well how their busy lives can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices and improper nutrition. Because of this, we here at Midwest Neurology Associates thought it would be an excellent idea to begin offering our patients the opportunity to learn how they can reach the proper nutrition levels. Additionally, we also decided that we would begin guiding our patients on which dietary supplements would prove to be the most valuable for their busy lifestyles, and to ensure they get the vital substances they need for their bodies to function efficiently.

What are dietary supplements and how can they benefit your well-being?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), dietary supplements can be beneficial to your health and can assure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to function effectively. Some have even been proven to aid in reducing the risk of certain diseases. Most dietary supplements contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and herbs. Lastly, they are typically in the form of softgels, tablets, gelcaps, capsules, liquids, and powders.

How Dietary Supplements Can Boost Your Metabolism and Promote Tissue Repair and Maintenance

At Midwest Neurology Associates, our primary purpose has always been to help every patient alleviate his or her pain. So, we believe that implementing dietary supplements into your daily routine can do just that. In fact, they will not only help to boost your metabolism, but they can also promote tissue repair and maintenance.

For example, incorporating a B12 vitamin into your diet can aid in preventing not only a vitamin B12 deficiency, but help in preventing joint pain, skin disorders, anemia, and various other ailments. Furthermore, if you take a calcium and/or vitamin D supplement, you can promote bone strength, and also help to prevent a disease such as osteoporosis.

What we have discussed in this blog is just a brief overview of what dietary supplements can do for your overall health. If you’d like to learn more about how you can lead a healthier lifestyle with supplements, or would like learn how you can eat better and get the proper nutrition, please give us a call. Our pain management facilities take patients from Munster, IN, and many other surrounding areas.