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Struggling with Constant Headaches? Come Visit Our New Headache Urgent Care Center!

Most people who get a headache may feel that it isn’t something that needs urgent treatment. Once a headache emerges, you might take a few aspirin, lay back with a cold cloth around your temples, and drink some ginger tea. Perhaps it works and it goes away. Or, maybe it doesn’t work at all.
When headache pain becomes unbearable and nothing works, all you want is simply relief. Headaches occur for many reasons, like dehydration, sinus infection, or stress. No matter what the headache may be associated with, it is recommended to see a doctor who can help treat it.


Sitting in agony while you try to call up the doctor and schedule an appointment is dreadful. At Midwest Neurology Associates, we understand that – and that’s why we are opening up our brand new headache urgent care center!


Our new center opens up on September 1 and is located at the building adjacent to our main facility on Joliet Street, Dyer, IN. Our specialists will be available there to assess and treat any patient who comes in – with no appointment needed. Men and women near Merrillville, IN and other surrounding areas in need of headache treatments can come to the urgent care center for immediate care.


Our center will be accepting walk-ins – so if you are suffering from recurring headaches or migraines, you don’t have to wait to get the treatment you need. However, our board-certified neurologists don’t just administer any treatment. Each patient is first evaluated and assessed to determine the best pain management strategy for their specific needs.


Treatments we specialize in include:

  • Nerve blocks
  • infusion therapy
  • IV medications
  • -and more!


Once you’ve visited the headache urgent care center, follow-up appointments will be scheduled to ensure the highest level of care by our specialists.


We are excited to be opening the new urgent care clinic for headaches of all kinds! If you have been waiting to see a neurologist in and around Merrillville, IN, don’t wait any longer. We can provide you with the pain management approach that yields the best results.


Don’t let waiting for an appointment give you another headache – we’ll help you get relief so you can have the best quality of life.